Europe 2015: Day 3.2 – Trondheim – Nidaros Cathedral – Gigapixel Panorama


After moving on from the Nidelva, there was a brief stop at a cafe that was recommended by our hosts in Oslo, on the way to Nidaros Cathedral.

Dark hot chocolate, at Dromedar Kaffebar. ( (Warren Schultz)

Dark hot chocolate, at Dromedar Kaffebar. (Warren Schultz)

I can vouch for this dark-chocolate-based hot chocolate at Dromedar Kaffebar.

After the chocolate infusion, it was time to hit the main objective for the day, photographing the Nidaros Cathedral.

 (Warren Schultz)

(Warren Schultz)

This was the view from the side as I approached. Impressive, but not nearly as much as the western face.

Bad news first: due to the cathedral being an open place of worship during all open hours, they do not allow any photography inside.
While this is frustrating as a photographer, as no mention of this is made anywhere on their website, it is understandable, so I went with plan B.

Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway (Warren Schultz)

Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway. A single wide-angle photo, distortion-corrected. (Warren Schultz)

Plan B was to photograph a multi-gigapixel HDR panorama of the front of the cathedral… which is a bit of an undertaking.

To do such a thing, it took approximately 800 exposures, which included of bracketed shots of +/- 2 EV.

What sort of detail was captured?

 (Warren Schultz)

Evangelistic kings and saints: Olaf Tryggvason, Bishop Sigurd, St. Clement. Is it just me, or do they look a bit dismayed at him? (Warren Schultz)

A lot. These aren’t even fully zoomed in photos.

 (Warren Schultz)

St. Jude, St. Nicasius, St. Denis, St. Francis of Assisi (Warren Schultz)


 (Warren Schultz)

This a detail from the peak of the cathedral at 100% (Warren Schultz)



Scale is a bit hard to tell here, of course, so this should help a bit. (These people were desperately trying to get the keeshonds to cooperate for photos, but the two on the right were not inclined to cooperate.)

 (Warren Schultz)

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